Maurice Strong" This is not just a technical issue. Everybody's actions are motivated by their inner life, their moral, spiritual and ethical values. Global agreements will be effective when they are rooted in the individual commitment of people, which arises from their own inner life."

Thousands of school children from 117 countries are collaborating to solve the world's biggest environmental problems. The best schools projects from around the world were recognised and  announced at Rio+20.

project earth
Project Earth is an online forum created to foster environmental and cultural exchange, networking schools and clubs from around the world.

The project is a space, where classes and clubs can post environmental projects of all kinds and beging to network with like-minded students around the world.

Parter countries like Chile, Russia, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates have embraced Project Earth on a country-wide scale and global outreach efforts have contributed to Project Earth's swift growth.

Speaking at special ceremony, Maurice Strong congratulated this year's project winners at the Rio+20 conference:"In embracing Project Earth's power to foster global collaboration and understanding, these students and educators assume a leadership role in our collective future. The project are pioneering examples of the kind of environmental stewardship that can and will make a difference."

"Project Earth connects our youth as one global community. The website serves as an incubator of ideas and solutions to enable this generation to contribute to making our planet sustainable for all future generations."