Maurice Strong" This is not just a technical issue. Everybody's actions are motivated by their inner life, their moral, spiritual and ethical values. Global agreements will be effective when they are rooted in the individual commitment of people, which arises from their own inner life."

Maurice Strong was  one of the personalities awarded this year with the "João Pedro Cardoso", the principal environmental honour, granted by the Government of the State of São Paulo in Brazil.

On 19 June2012, the prestigious medal was awarded to Maurice Strong by Governor Geraldo Alckmin, during the Rio+20 meeting at Pavilhão de São Paulo in the Park of the athletes, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

 The Sao Paulo Pavillion.
 Maurice Strong addresses the award ceremony.
 Geraldo Alckmin, Governor of Sao Paulo, congratulates Maurice Strong.
Press conference following the award ceremony.