Maurice Strong" This is not just a technical issue. Everybody's actions are motivated by their inner life, their moral, spiritual and ethical values. Global agreements will be effective when they are rooted in the individual commitment of people, which arises from their own inner life."

Education -- the Key to a Sustainable World

Our very existence is now at risk and its future is literally in our own hands. We have the knowledge and capacity to ensure our survival. The real question is do we have the will to make the fundamental changes that this requires. Chengdu is well positioned to take this lead in this.

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UNEP- 40 years on

A new book,written by award-winning conservationist Stanley Johnson, details the history of the Nairobi-based United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The book charts the evolution of UNEP from its inception at the landmark Stockholm conference of 1972 to its position today at the heart of the global environmental movement.

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"We cannot abandon hope"

strong interview

Sonia Bridi from TV Globo interviews Maurice Strong on a wide range of topics, including, the first Earth Summit in 1992, environmental issues, population growth and consumption, the aspirations of newly-industrialised nations and impending resource conflicts.

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Environmental honour

Maurice Strong was  one of the personalities awarded this year with the "João Pedro Cardoso", the principal environmental honour, granted by the Government of the State of São Paulo in Brazil.

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School projects at Rio+20

Thousands of school children from 117 countries are collaborating to solve the world's biggest environmental problems. The best schools projects from around the world were recognised and  announced at Rio+20.

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Environment: radical changes needed

The change of course called for at Rio in 1992 requires radical changes in our current economic system. This will need to be led by those countries, mostly Western, which have dominated the world economy during the period in which our cumulative damage to the Earth’s life-support systems. Rio+20 must support the increase in the status of UNEP to that of a specialized agency. This could lead to the establishment of a World Environment Organization.

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Create greater public interest and awareness in Rio+20

Maurice Strong calls for the need to create much greater public interest and awareness in Rio+20 as an event in itself. This is what helped to attract unprecedented numbers of world leaders, media and non-governmental organizations to the Earth Summit in 1992. But time is short and the resources available to the Secretariat and others preparing for Rio+20 are meager.

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World Green Tourism Award

 Maurice Strong, Senior Advisor to the 2012 Rio+20 Summit, was named as the first recipient of the inaugural World Green Tourism Award in recognition of his pivotal role in shaping the global sustainable development agenda, and in recognising the potential of Travel & Tourism to make a contribution to mainstream green growth transformation.

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